Saturday, 27 October 2012


Welcome to my world... a world of fabulous looks, inspirational shopping ideas and the very best in tasteful beautiful clothing for the classier women in SL.

Gone are the days where you could wear pants around your knees and think you looked "sexy"!
Seriously girls leave that look for the bedroom and regain your self worth. Dress to impress, attract the kind of man who will treat you like a Princess not a whore, embrace being feminine and enjoy being unique!

The whole ethos of this blog is about women being the best they can be and if your a man or woman reading this and agree feel free to join my group $$BILLIONAIRE BABES$$ in SL.

Donations of clothing and accessories to blog are also welcome but must be keeping in line with the style of the blog. Glamorous, beautiful and alluring.

Hope you enjoy my posts, much love Stormy xx

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