Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Today i was feeling all rock chic, but by the time i had put the look together i just wanted to relax lol

hair- adele in powder by LELUTKA.
top - t-tank mesh top in trans lace by XPLOSION
jeans - mesh leather leggings in black by MAITREYA
shoes - mayne in black by NGELIC

Monday, 29 October 2012


Still in Autumn mode, thought i would wear soemthing brown and gold to match the trees!!

hair- take it off in chardonnay by EXILE.
jumpsuit- vienna mesh jumpsuit in tuscan brown by BAIASTICE(with matching belt).
shoes- triumph in nude by N-CORE.
necklace - WRP in gold by RYCA.
lipstick - sweet tangerine lip balm by PINK ACID.
watch and ring..see previous post.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Autumnal look.

Although i am normaly blonde i couldnt resist wearing this hair today. Perfect autumn colours, love the trees changing colour at this time of year and with the clocks just going back here in the UK seems that winter realy is here.

hair - fade into you in black /gold by EXILE.
blouse - long sleeve see through (worn with bra can be worn without) by CONNORS
skirt - wraparound skirt in black by ISON
boots- tall leather thigh boots in black by SLINK
ring - golden cups ring by PAPER COUTURE
watch - boyfriend watch by GLOW STUDIO
scarf - warm wrapped textile scarf in inked by ZEERYS
headdress -brighton beach in gold by LAGYO

Lazy Sunday afternoon

In my book, Sundays are for relaxing (usually with a hangover) so whats better  than cashmere, silk and huge sunnys? bliss..snuggle up and enjoy xx

hair - fade into you in bleach by EXILE
cardigan - pismanye cardigan in sand by LELUTKA
skirt - wraparound skirt in champagne by ISON
shoes - lucca shoes in parchment by SIMILAR
glasses - luna in brown by FNKY

Saturday, 27 October 2012

White Diamond

White has to be my favourite colour.. so this is today's look x

hair- yippie hair in light blonde by LELUTKA
necklace , bracelets and earrings - kabuki by MANDALA
geometric corset- in white by ISON
wrap skirt- in champagne by ISON
watch- vipera watch in silver by ISON
shoes- roma in white by SIMILAR
lipstick-neon 04 by RICIELLI

Gucci revisted.

The fashion weeks are now in full swing, i treated myself to some Gucci Boots for autumn (that i cant walk in but needed, you know how that is right? ) so i decided to make a Gucci attributed look..hopes you like?

hat/hair- Siobhan by MAITREYA
boots- by SLINK
black fur jacket- by kensington
glitter shorts - Leezu

All photography in my blog by the wonderful and talented Graphic MacArthur, contact in SL for prices, profile shots and gambling tips lol <3
With the new James Bond Film just released i felt the need to be a Bond girl lol

this look is very KGB think?

shirt,tie,shorts,belt and jacket all from SWEETEST GOODBYE
boots- by SLINK
hair- by BOON

Location Barbie girls city, one of my favourite Sims.
I often wished i had lived in the 40s and fifties when men were men and women were glad!! I am all for feminism, but i do love the movie star looks of the golden age of stage and screen.
This dress makes me feel a complete film star <3

dress - mutiara dress by DRIFT in cranberry
hair - bombshell in vodka by SHAG
ear rings- ruby earrings by Ricielli


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